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Get The Right Cooking Appliance For Your Cooking Style

One of the most important aspects of buying a new range or cooktop is getting one that aligns with your cooking style. Recently, an elderly lady came to see us when the smooth-top cooktop she had been using (not purchased at Coast) recently caught fire. The entire wiring harness inside the unit had melted completely, sending black smoke into the kitchen. She brought in this picture to show us:

The customer told us that she had purchased this cooktop just over a year ago, and had been sold on the aspect of how easy it could be kept clean. She did not buy this cooktop at Coast so it’s difficult to know for sure, however it does seem like the salesperson she dealt with did not qualify her properly. By simply asking questions, they would have learned that she cooks 3 meals a day for 10 people. Cooking supper for a super hungry crew starts at 2pm until dinner is first served at 6pm. Basically, her cooktop is in continual use. This was not a restaurant situation, just a very large working family where the elderly ladies take care of the cooking while the younger members go off to work. As well, due to the customer’s limited English skills, she did not read the cooktop’s instruction manual and was not aware of the proper cleaning procedures.

The bottom line is that this customer was sold a cooking appliance that was not right for her needs. When we talked to her and discovered her situation, we immediately recommended a gas cooktop. Gas cooktops are well-suited to long, intense periods of cooking, due to the way they are designed. While catching on fire is not a typical symptom of smooth-top cooktop overuse, a cracked glass surface is, usually after only a year of use.

Remember: if your salesperson does not qualify you properly, then you may be steered towards the wrong appliance. At Coast, we train all our people to qualify, qualify, qualify. However, it’s also important for you as the consumer to have a good understanding of your situation so you can communicate it.