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Should I Have My Appliances Delivered Professionally?

Many customers wonder if it is worth paying the extra money to have their new appliances professionally delivered. Here are a few points to consider:

If you decide to pick up your appliances on your own and manage to either dent or drop them during the process, you are solely responsible for whatever damage occurs. However, if a professional delivery company were to damage your unit, you are protected and have the option of either exchanging the product or receiving a credit for the damage.

Appliances are not light. The average appliance weighs about 100lbs. When you do not have a dolly or lifting straps this can result in a severe or possibly life-threatening injury. A professional delivery company will have all the proper tools necessary for a safe and smooth delivery.

Professional delivery service from a Coast Wholesale Appliance affiliated delivery company differs from most of our competitors in that it is not a “driveway drop”. Our delivery people will bring the unit into your house and into the space it needs to go.

Before a professional delivery, Coast Wholesale Appliances uncrates and inspects each appliance at the warehouse to ensure there is no hidden cosmetic damage.

A Coast Wholesale Appliances affiliated delivery company will remove all cardboard and styrofoam after delivery, so the customer is not left with an excess of waste to dispose of.

All-in-all, using professional delivery by a Coast Wholesale Appliances affiliated delivery company allows you to relax by eliminating the stress, hassle and worry of doing it yourself.