Are You Ready? A Checklist Guide For Appliance Delivery Preparation

Before having your new appliances delivered, there are many things you should review with your sales person and even more things to prepare for to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Things to review with your sales person:

  • Is your front door large enough to fit your new appliances through?
  • Front access or rear access to your house?
  • Any stairs to contend with?
  • Do you have hardwood floors?
  • Do you have recently laid tile? (Heavy fridges can loosen recently laid tiles)
  • Will you have someone at home over the age of 18 to sign for appliances?

Things to do before delivery:

  • Make sure your driveway and/or walkways are clear for accessibility of delivery staff
  • Make sure you are home during delivery time or you might be charged for another delivery
  • Secure any pets as they can get in the way when delivering appliances
  • Make sure that all connections are in place and ready for installation.
  • Make sure there is enough room outside for a delivery truck to unload

Things to do During Delivery:

  • Some delivery companies install appliances, while others don’t. If they don’t, make sure they leave the appliance in an area convenient for the installer. As close as possible to where it will be installed is ideal.
  • Make sure you check the appliances for any damage BEFORE the delivery company leaves. Alert the delivery men if any damage is found.
  • Stay close by when deliveries take place as things can get damaged accidentally.

Things to do After Delivery:

    • Some appliances can get slightly dusty during the delivery trip, make sure to wipe them off using a microfiber cloth and some warm water. Regular cloths can scratch metals and stainless steel finishes.
    • Make sure to check out the appliances and run them through their various cycles. Report any findings within 48 hours in order to ensure the manufacturer’s cosmetic warranty will be in effect.

Enjoy and relax… you have your new appliance(s)!