Most commonly known as the brand behind the Garberator, InSinkErator was founded in the US just before the Great Depression. After they invented the in-sink food disposal system in 1927, the concept caught on as a new way to keep the kitchen clean. Without organic waste sitting around--and with fewer cans and bins needed to store it for several days or more--it meant attracting fewer pests like rodents and insects, and no bad smell. Installed under the kitchen sink and connecting seamlessly to the drain, these units are easy to use. Drop food waste--including chicken bones--into the sink, push it down the drain, run the water and turn on the Garberator. It instantly grinds and chews without the use of blades, and the resulting tiny pieces and liquid fall directly into the pipe drain. An in-sink food disposal unit is perfect for busy people. With their ‘making life easier’ mentality, InSinkErator also started producing instant hot water dispensers, which supply near-boiling water for those who don’t want to wait for a kettle before preparing coffee, tea, or pasta. Coast Appliances is proud to carry and recommend InSinkErator products for your next kitchen project. Visit one of our working showrooms, or give us a call and learn more from one of our friendly experts.