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Laundry Accessories

If you don’t already have a washer and dryer, check out our amazing selection. If you do, you might be looking for something to complement your existing setup. Coast Appliances stocks laundry accessories to complete the laundry room. If you’re looking to increase the height of your machines or want to install easy access storage, your best option is a pedestal. The low drawer glides smoothly, and you can choose one that matches your existing washer and dryer. Since the machine sits on top of the pedestal, the drawer can be filled with towels, detergent, or other items needing quick, regular access.

Are you creating a slim space with a washer-dryer hookup? Tenants may be downsizing and bringing their washer and dryer with them, but won’t have space for them to sit side-by-side. Instead of suggesting they get rid of their machines and buy a new washer-dryer combo, try one of our stack kits so they can position two portable machines on top of each other.

Come browse our working showroom and ask for a demo. Our friendly experts can help you choose the best laundry accessories to complete your project. With a Price Match Guarantee as well as delivery and installation options, you’ll find everything you need at Coast Appliances. Just give us a call!