Top Eight Things to Never Put in Your Dishwasher

At the end of a busy day, after you’ve finished your dinner, it’s only natural to fill up your dishwasher and have it run as you complete other household tasks. However, not every single piece of dishware is meant to be cleaned in the dishwasher.  Here are some items to avoid putting in your dishwasher:


Wooden Kitchenware


The water inside of your dishwasher is scalding hot and for wooden utensils that presents the risk that they will warp and become unusable. Scorching water will also rip off the finish of any wooden utensil you put in your dishwasher. Additionally, the hot temperatures can cause cracks in the wood which presents the risk of your utensils becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. All wooden kitchenware should be hand washed in your kitchen sink and let to air dry to keep its form and finish in good condition.


Crystal Kitchenware


Crystal kitchenware is elegant and priceless and is often passed down as a family heirloom. Your dishwasher’s detergent, water temperature and water pressure can crack and shatter your precious crystal kitchenware. Ensure that you wash all crystal kitchenware gently by hand to prevent damage to its aesthetic and usability.


China Dishes


China dishes are seldom used on normal days and are typically used on special occasions like Christmas or New Years. The finishes on china kitchenware are exquisite and should be treated with the utmost gentleness and care. Dishwashers have different settings and washing cycles which can prevent most damage to chinaware, but it is important to err on the side of caution and handwash it.


Garlic Presses


Garlic helps give your meals a sharp and spicy flavour, which is why many homeowners own a garlic press. As garlic is fed into the press, it becomes very sticky, and chunks of it can become stuck within the crevices. Clean it thoroughly with warm water to ensure bacteria is not allowed to grow and that it is sanitary for your next use.


Temperature Controlled Mugs or Bottles


While your temperature-controlled mugs and bottles are meant to keep cold drinks cold, and warm drinks warm, putting your mug or bottles in a scorching hot dishwasher can ruin its effectiveness and waste the money you spent on them. Wash them by hand to maintain their working condition.


Copper Kitchenware


Homeowners buy copper kitchenware and appliances for their versatility and alluring colour. Copper is amongst the most efficient heat conductors which is why it makes perfect sense for homeowners to own copper appliances. Your dishwasher may ruin the finish of your copper kitchenware causing it to appear dull and dreary. Washing copper appliances by hand will keep its exquisite colour intact.


Cooking Tray with Burnt Stains


Many inexperienced cooks will allow their food to sit in the oven a tad too long to the point where burn stains appear. Dishwashers are unable to remove such burns which means you must scrub hard to remove the stains yourself. Use baking soda to help remove the stain.


Aluminum Kitchenware and Appliances


Dishwasher detergent and aluminum kitchenware do not mix. The detergent will turn your polished aluminum appliances grey, dark and dull. You will also notice a black & greasy film to coming off it as well, which is the aluminum degrading (not something you want in your food). Never put aluminum in your dishwasher!